Specialty Chemicals 

Specialty chemicals, including ultra-pure trace metal grade, metallic salts, and heat treatment/quenching salts, are high-value chemicals produced in smaller quantities for specific applications.
Ultra-pure trace metal grade chemicals refer to high-quality chemical substances that are meticulously purified to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring an extremely high level of purity. These chemicals are crucial for applications that demand minimal contamination, such as analytical chemistry, semiconductor manufacturing, and research laboratories where precision and accuracy are paramount.
Metallic salts are compounds formed through the reaction of a metal with an acid. They find wide applications across various industries viz Electroplating, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Synthesis, etc. These salts can be manufactured in different grades depending on their intended use, such as technical, LR/AR grade for industrial applications and pharmaceutical grade for medical purposes.
Heat treatment salts/quenching salts/eutectic salts find special applications including Heat transfer fluids, thermal energy storage and chemical process for controlled heating and cooling rates.



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